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Deconstructing Masculinity & Manhood with Michael Kimmel @ Dartmouth College


— From NYC.

Wow. This is all amazing. But the stealth amazing is that first line.

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From Nightwing 25 ( by Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel. One of the best single issues I know. It’s simple. Dick and Tim ride a train. On top of it. With blindfolds. And discuss their lives. It’s truly amazing.






People are giving Wilson money to thank him for killing an unarmed black teenager. Please report this to GoFundMe, as it violates their Terms of Service and they get 5% of the tens of thousands of dollars being donated. Click to report.

This is my message, in case you want to copy and paste:

Your Terms of Service prohibit “items that promote… hate, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime.” Take a look at the comments that come with the donations on this page and tell me that doesn’t violate your terms. “Support Officer Wilson” is a thin veil for people rewarding Wilson for killing a black kid.


When you report the page, you need the link to it as well; that’s here (so you can copy and paste the link without visiting it).

Report report report.

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white people: mike brown robbed that store!

Lawyer: no he didn’t

Store owners: nope

Eye witnesses: nah

white people:


people who are paying attention: hey hey did you know that robbing a store is not actually grounds for an extrajudicial execution anyway

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  • Question: Is it racist that a white, 20 year old unarmed kid was shot by a black cop on Monday, Aug 18, 3 days ago and its no where in the news? Oh wait, it happens all the time, its just not newsworthy. Sucks to be white. - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    Dear Racists: I know you’re going to to be trotting this out in the next few days claiming that this shows how white people are just as badly treated as black people in the US (though, of course, the idea that “it happens all the time” to white people is, of course, a ridiculous and disgusting lie).

    But guess what, fuckheads, as usual, you’re wrong as fuck. The reason this tragedy isn’t national news is because, surprise surprise, a similar (ish) shooting of a white teenager by a black cop is being handled by the authorities completely differently! That’s right, you dumbfucks, this officer is being immediately and vigorously investigated, the officer’s name was released, the victim wasn’t denied medical care, nor was his body left on the street for hours. It’s almost like, we treat black and white people differently in our justice system! And if you want to argue that the fucking Salt Lake City PD (oh shit, was I able to read about this case in the NATIONAL NEWS?!?!?! ) is racist against white people, you are fucking out of your mind.

    So, nice try, you asshole, I know you were salivating over finding a case to compare this to Mike Brown, but, even with this timing, you’re not even fucking close to proving your racist “point.”

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I admire the commitment.

How did they film me when I make tuna and the cats are awake?

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daniel radcliffe is a treasure to be protected

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I don’t care for when writers try to tie the killing of Thomas & Martha Wayne to some complex storyline. The important thing about it was that it was random.

Also: CRIME ALLEY WASN’T AN ALLEY! It was a nickname. They were killed on a street corner, not some “Oh they were dumb and went down an alley” thing. Not hard, people. Not hard.

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Casual reminder that in one of Leonardo da Vinci’s many notebooks containing innumerable artistic and scientific sketches and notes of incomprehensible importance, there is a sketch of two penises with legs and tails walking towards a crudely drawn anus.

The sketch was most likely done by Leonardo’s apprentice Salai, who was not only very likely one of Leonardo’s lovers, but who was also infamously mischievous. Better yet, the anus is literally labeled “Salai.”

So either Salai drew these while Leonardo wasn’t looking just to annoy his boyfriend, or Leonardo himself put actual time and energy into drawing these. Either way, the human race is truly blessed to have made such a discovery.

There are dick drawings like the ones you see on desks in school in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks. Please cherish this information.

In the midst of exploring Renaissance Italy history for reasons, I have found a wonder.

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The Bigger Bang #1 Cover by Vassilis Gogtzilas

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